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Soul is the Integrated Logistics Operating System (Sistema Operativo Unificado de Logística), a complete tool the company has developed to centralize the management of the operations of all the companies inside the Magnum Logistics Group. All the commercial, international transport, customs, and warehousing information is managed inside the Soul. This tool is the soul of our operation, and it is one of the added values we offer our clients. 
If you already have a username and a password, you can enter by clicking here. 

If you still do not have one, please contact us to create an account for you. 

What can Soul do for you?

Soul offers the following services:

Tracking: Every time a new operation is started in Soul, a code is assigned to it. This code is used by the whole organization in order to manage the operation. Using the code (File ID), you can visualize the current state of your shipment. 

Accounts receivable portfolio: Each client can see the statement of the receivable accounts portfolio they have with us, according to the accounting registers, updated online.

Generation of Shipping Orders, Work Orders, or Customs Procedure Requests: If you prefer to enter the information of your request yourself, you may do so through Soul, saving time and conducting fewer proceedings. 

Legal documentation: In order to make the compliance with Colombian laws regulating international commerce and the corresponding documents easier, we have created an online tool allowing you to know if our company has copies of the mandatory documentation, and if it is still in force.





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